A taste from home

9 Jun

Even though London is one of the best places to eat – in a way that it’s possible to choose any food from any part of the world – sometimes you just want something confort, a taste of home. Being Brazilian this is not an easy task, since the country is so big and have so different dishes in each region. But for does who just miss a simple meal with rice and beans (the foundation of all Brazilian food), I would suggest go to Raízes.

Raízes (“roots” in Portuguese) is a Brazilian restaurant and petiscos (tapas) bar in London’s East End. Situated at the less trendy end of Hackney Road,  this lively Brazilian venue attracts a loyal crowd of ex-pats for its honest, homemade-style Brazilian dishes and well priced caipirinhas. Also a very good place for Londoners who wants to try something different. The place is nearly always packed at the weekends when Brazilian music is played live, and service is invariably friendly if somewhat haphazard at busy times.

With you are just starting to drink, I would suggest to order a portion of Torresmo £6, (chunky pieces of pork belly fried slowly until very crisp) and deep-fried Mandioca £5.30 (cooked as fat chips). Other popular Brazilian petiscos and street food that are featured on the menu includes Coxinha £2.30 (deep-fried potato pastry filled with shredded chicken), Pão de Queijo £3 (portion of 6 cheese bread rolls) and Coração de Galinha £5.40 (fried chicken hearts).

Main dishes on Raízes’ menu are the kind of dishes that Brazilians eat every day at home, but are also readily available at bars, cafés or botecos throughout Brazil. Like Contra Filé á Cavalo (220g) £10.70 – grilled Brazilian sirloin steak served with rice, beans and fried egg. But, of course, the star of the house is the traditional Feijoada £9. This is the Brazil’s national dish and is a pork and black bean stew served with rice, toasted cassava flour, sautéed greens and orange slices. At £9, this is also an excellent value choice.

460 Hackney Road
Bethnal Green
London E2 9EG


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